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Learn more about Blue’s Clues

Blue’s Clues is an animated series starring one of two live-action hosts, Steve or his brother Joe, who live in an animated world with their puppy, Blue.

About Blue’s Clues

When Blue has a problem, Steve or Joe, along with the viewer, helps solve it by playing a game. They have to find clues left by Blue. Each clue narrows the problem down for the viewers. Steve or Joe writes the clues down and then, along with the viewer, thinks carefully to piece all the clues together and solve the problem. Steve or Joe always asks preschoolers questions and then waits for an answer because they can’t solve “Blue’s Clues” without the audience’s help.

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Blue’s Clues Curriculum

Your kids are learning while they watch Blue’s Clues!

• Literacy
• Math
• Science
• The arts
• Problem solving

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