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Big Hearts Belong Series Learning Guide

Series Description

The animated series Big Hearts Belong helps children ages 2 to 7 understand that boys and girls can do and be anything! Alongside a group of diverse Noggin characters, kids nurture friendship skills and grow their sense of belonging by exploring gender stereotypes in relatable scenarios, such as playing ball, taking care of a baby, a game of pretend, and more.
The series will help children appreciate that we are all unique, worthy of respect and kindness, and have different perspectives that matter!

Tips for Before Viewing Big Hearts Belong

Before watching Big Hearts Belong, talk with your child, and see what they might know about some common gender stereotypes. You might be surprised by what they are aware of! Here are some discussion starters:
Hobbies and aspirations
Can both boys and girls grow up to be whatever they’d like to be? Is there anything that boys can do that girls can’t? Is there anything that girls can do that boys can’t?
Similarities and differences
Do you think boys and girls are different? Similar? How? (You can prompt your child to think about likes and dislikes, personalities, abilities, favorite colors, toys, games, etc.)

Tips for After Viewing Big Hearts Belongs

It’s always helpful to refer to examples from your child’s own world to support their understanding that both boys and girls can:
Could either a boy or girl have a room or clothing the color of yours? Can boys and girls like the same TV show, book, or character?
If a boy misses his grandmother, is it okay if he cries because he’s sad? If a girl is upset, is it okay for her to show her frustration?
What is your favorite toy? Could both boys and girls like that toy too?
Can both boys and girls swing on the monkey bars? Can they both play soccer? Football? Dance? Practice gymnastics?
Can both girls and boys help out with a younger sibling or cousin?


Pay special attention to real-life examples of men and women in all kinds of professional roles. For instance, stop by your local fire station to meet a female firefighter. Or point out that both men and women can be daycare providers, preschool teachers, and babysitters, as well as nurses at the doctor’s office.
Encouraging kids to play with toys “meant for” a different gender or with unisex toys can broaden their interests and expand their ideas about their aspirations and interests.
You don’t necessarily need to find books about gender – just ones that have great characters who express themselves with confidence!

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