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3 Ways Technology Can Promote Fitness with Kids

Talking with Dr. Tammy Clegg, Associate Professor at the University of Maryland

Technology is increasingly becoming an important tool in educating kids – even when it comes to movement and fitness! While some might not immediately make an association between the two, technology is rapidly transforming the fitness industry and its future. It’s even making an impact on how we can inspire kids to get moving and active at home! Here are 3 ways how.

Staying Fit with Characters They Love

Dr. Tammy Clegg, Associate Professor at the University of Maryland, said, “When kids learn with the characters they love, it helps them build skills they need.” At Noggin, we especially love seeing the joy kids have when interacting, learning, playing – and moving – with these adored friends. “Characters play role models and mentors, so kids get excited and inspired to experience whatever these characters may be doing,” Dr. Clegg said. This motivation extends to fitness and physical exercise as well!

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The whole family can go with the flow with Skye, Lorelai, Gil, and AJ – and our amazing yoga instructor, Stephanie!

Yoga Friends Series

Fitness Tools

In a recent article for Noggin, Dr. Clegg wrote, “During my research, I designed a tool that allowed kids to see their heart rate and breathing in real time. They could see, ‘Oh, when I started doing jumping jacks, my heart started beating faster.’” These kinds of tools not only get kids interested in their bodies and movement, but it also helps them engage with their physical environment. Dr. Clegg said, “For example, with fitness watches, children can track their steps and monitor their activity throughout the day.”

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Easy to Try New Activities – with No Commitment

“Parents should look for activities that will keep kids engaged and experiences that are going to have them stay active and engaged,” Dr. Clegg said. Instead of signing up and paying for a block of classes, apps, online videos, and streaming services can help your child first explore the type of physical activity or exercise they want to pursue. They can also narrow their focus of interest. For instance, let’s say your child is interested in martial arts. They can test out tae kwon do, karate, or jiu jitsu from home!

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Each episode is a different class that explores a different genre of dance with Keith, a real Ailey instructor!

Dance Squad with Ailey

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About Ailey

Since its first historic performance in 1958, Ailey has been innovating and evolving the perception of American modern dance throughout the world. Noggin is honored to partner with them in helping kids all over get up moving, learning, and expressing their feelings through dance. Because movement has meaning when we dance how we’re feeling!