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Mealtime Prep & Play

Whether you need your little chefs busy while you cook – or need some easy, kid-friendly recipes to make together – this deliciously fun playlist includes games and shows for all appetites.

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School of Yum: Yummy Apple Galette!

School of Yum: CHEESY Pizza!

School of Yum: Tea Party Time!

School of Yum: Pudding Pop Swirl

School of Yum: Super Beans!

School of Yum: Chicken Pita Party!

School of Yum 101: Pepper Upper Black Bean Quesadillas

Spats’ Kitchen Adventure

Funny Food Faces

Mexican Elote Corn Salad

Rainbow Sprinkles Sorting

Bucket Bistro

Milli Measure Sandwich Maker

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Super Smoothie Maker

Healthy Chef Showdown

Dig In with Rubble

Yogurt Bark Snack

Food Truck Festival

Off-screen Activities!


School of Yum Recipe Cards


Delicious Details


Pop-Up Menu

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New content added weekly

Downloadable books & games for offline play

Kid-safe & ad-free

New content added weekly

Accessible on multiple devices

Downloadable books & games for offline play

About Ailey

Since its first historic performance in 1958, Ailey has been innovating and evolving the perception of American modern dance throughout the world. Noggin is honored to partner with them in helping kids all over get up moving, learning, and expressing their feelings through dance. Because movement has meaning when we dance how we’re feeling!