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Well Versed: Everything Families Need to Know About the New Series

By Noggin Team

Music and animation meet lessons on civics in this fun original series for kids. Watch four episodes created specially for our little learners on Noggin now!

We’re thrilled to introduce Well Versed, a series of animated, musical shorts brought to you by Noggin, Nickelodeon & iCivics. The twelve contemporary music videos teach kids about democracy, government, civic engagement, and community. Noggin is proud to host four episodes of Well Versed made especially for our preschool audience! Young learners will celebrate diversity, equality, and acceptance as they get introduced to fundamental concepts – like how to respect differences or the many ways they can contribute to their community.

We’re not the only ones singing this series’ praises. In honor of National Civics Day, First Lady Jill Biden teamed up with Nickelodeon and iCivics to celebrate Well Versed with 5th graders in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

"When we understand civics, how our government works and how to hold it accountable, we're able to make each other and our country the best it can be," Biden said.

When will Well Versed be released on Noggin?

The four episodes that were created specifically for kids ages 2-5 are available now on Noggin!

Watch Well Versed in Noggin

Older kids can catch all twelve episodes of Well Versed on Nickelodeon now.

What is the show about?

  • Well Versed presents important civic engagement topics through super-catchy, short music videos.
  • The four episodes on Noggin are tailored for the preschool audience to develop social-emotional skills and create responsible upstanders.
  • Each three-minute episode showcases a new theme that educates kids in a fun and relatable way with music they’ll want to keep singing, dancing, and learning along with!

Who created the show?

Well Versed was created by Nickelodeon in partnership with ATTN:, a media company raising awareness about societal topics, Noggin, and iCivics, a nonpartisan nonprofit that educates children on civic life. iCivics offers corresponding teaching guides and family resources for each episode.

What will my child learn?

The series teaches kids how to be socially responsible by instilling values of respect, inclusivity, empathy, community, and acceptance. Each episode encourages ways they can make a difference and get involved:
Listen and learn! Rules – like wearing your seatbelt and using the crosswalk – are for everyone, and exist to keep us all safe.
Noting differences and similarities are ways children make sense of the world around them. In this episode, kids learn to respect, celebrate, accept, and appreciate everyone’s differences.
Learn how to handle a disagreement by taking a moment to breathe, stay calm, listen, and work together to find a solution.
Do Your Part
Everyone can make a difference by helping friends, being kind, volunteering, and being an active member of your community.
Educational guides from iCivics include conversation starters and activities for each episode that can be used in the classroom or at home!

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