Posted on April 18, 2020

Colors of Our Earth

💡Skills: When your child plays school and teaches a lesson on Earth colors, he/she will build curiosity about the world and learn to identify all of the colors. 


Teachers like Mr. Grouper from the Bubble Guppies work hard every day to help kids learn about the world. They have to think about what to teach and how to teach it before they teach their students something new. Work with your little teacher to teach a special lesson about the colors of the Earth.


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Set Up 

Here’s how to explain this activity to your child:

  • Today, YOU’RE a teacher just like Mr. Grouper! Can you teach me and your stuffed animal friends about the colors of our Earth?
  • To get ready, let’s look out the window: what colors do you see? Blue, green, brown, tan, gray? What other Earth colors are outside other windows? Red cardinal birds? Orange sunsets?
  • Now, let’s cut out rectangles (or circles) of different Earth-colored paper and find objects around the house that are the same colors. For example, a brown stuffed bear, a brown shoe, and a brown wooden spoon all go with the brown paper.
  • It’s time for “school!” Welcome your students to class, and then help them sort the objects onto the correct color of paper. For example, the blue block goes on the blue paper and the green ball goes on the green paper.
  • What else can we teach and learn about the Earth?

Pro Tip:

If this is hard for your little teacher, pick one color and try to find objects in the house that are that color. Can you find things that are blue like the sky and the ocean? If your little teacher needs a challenge, see if you can find different shades of colors, such as light blue and dark blue, dark brown and light brown.

Extend the Learning

Listen to “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers about a colorful situation involving disgruntled crayons; help with Shine’s science experiment — turning white flowers into colorful ones; and play our color matching game to keep the learning going.

Words to Use 

  • Plan – decide how you are going to do something before you do it
  • Teach – to help someone learn how to do something
  • Planet – a body in space, orbiting around a star. Earth is OUR planet!
  • Shade – how light or dark a color is
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