Smart Schedule

Noggin’s smart schedule is created by our team of experts in early childhood development and education — teachers, parents, and scientists — to help families grow their kids’ hearts, minds, and bodies, every day, through play!


This week, explore NATURE from your living room while building language skills and more!


May is “Mental Health Awareness Month,” so we’re bringing you simple stress busters for kids! A mindful moment a day can keep stress levels at bay (for you and for your kids).  So get ready to add a mental health-boosting moment into your family’s daily routine — let’s go!


This week, your child can wake up with animal stretches and doze off at night with “animal tales.” During the day, learn through play with Noggin’s animal guessing game and a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo. It’s time to embrace your inner animal!


Be an Earth Hero this week in honor of Earth Day with Earth science and recycling for preschoolers! Make your own masterpiece with egg cartons or toilet paper tubes, and even create your own Earth orbit game. Together, we can celebrate the greatest planet in the Solar System as we learn through play, morning, day, and night!


This week, we’re learning about everyday HEROES in our communities. Children learn best through repetition, so use these activities throughout the week to boost your little hero’s learning.


Learn about inventors while building your child’s math, literacy, science, arts, and social-emotional skills! 


Calling all heroes! This week, we’re learning about mighty heroes. Every day, we’ll strengthen your child’s science, social-emotional, and literacy powers with stories, songs, super challenges and more!


We’re posting fun activities to help fuel your child’s growing noggin. This week we’re celebrating wonderful women in history in honor of Women’s History Month.


Let’s plant some good seeds this week with do-together activities that will grow kids’ love of science, build their rhyming skills, and help them work out their wiggles with hops and giggles. Spring brings fun things to this week’s smart schedule of activities!