YOU and the Beanstalk

💡Skill: Learning about new places and things helps children build language skills, curiosity, and memory!


Watch a Blue’s Clues and You! story where Josh and Blue plant a magic bean and it grows into a giant beanstalk! What if you and your child were in this story?


Beanstalk Puppet Printables


Here’s how to explain this activity to your child:

  • Let’s watch a beanstalk story and then make up our own story about planting a magic bean that sprouts and grows so big and tall that YOU can climb up it.
  • What do you find at the top? A giant? A pirate? What happens next in the story? How do you get back home?
  • Let’s create a beanstalk or draw a picture of our adventures at the top of the beanstalk.

Extend the Learning 

Want to create a beanstalk? Print our pack and help kids color and cut out the beanstalk pieces. Roll the paper beanstalk parts into cylinders, stack them, and tape the pieces together. Then glue on the leaves! Use the printable puppets to put on a puppet show. 

Words to Use 

  • Fairytale – a pretend story that usually has a happy ending
  • Magic – having special powers
  • Beanstalk – the stem of a bean plant