Community Heroes Guessing Game

💡Skills: Asking questions and talking about community heroes helps your child understand your community and build empathy for others. Taking turns helps your child learn about self-control.  


There are so many people who help us every day — from doctors and nurses to police officers to bus drivers to librarians! These are the people who keep us safe and healthy, help us get around, and make our community work. Let’s play a game and think about our community heroes! 


Printable (optional)

Set Up 

Here’s how to explain this activity to your child:

  • Let’s play a community hero guessing game about the people who help us every day.
  • I will think of a community hero in my head. I’ll describe my hero and you can guess! Then you think of a hero and I’ll guess.
  • Once we’ve done that, let’s try a new kind of guessing game. I’ll think of a community hero and you can ask me questions to guess. For example, you can ask me, “Does the person wear a uniform?” or “Does the person drive a truck?” or “Does the person work in a school?” and I will answer to give you a clue about my hero. You can guess until you figure out who my hero is!
  • Now let’s switch: it’s your turn to think of a community hero and I will guess!

Pro Tip:

If your child needs a bigger challenge, create a community hero book with one page for each hero. Draw a picture of the hero and write about how the hero helps people! If you have a younger child, pick one community hero and talk about what he does and how he helps your family and community.

Extend the Learning

Get up and do the “climb the ladder” dance with the Bubble Guppies, celebrate bus drivers by singing along with our friends at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, and print to play our community heroes guessing game!

Words to Use 

  • Community – a group of people who live in the same area
  • Hero – a courageous person who helps others
  • Uniform – the clothes someone wears to work
  • Clue – a hint to help you figure something out