Posted on April 12, 2020

Firefighters to the Rescue!

💡Skills: Pretending to be a firefighter builds skills like creativity, expression, and problem solving. 


You might be familiar with Blaze — a monster truck who solves math and science problems. In one episode, he even fights a five alarm fire! In this activity, your child can pretend to be a firefighting hero, too!


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Set Up 

Here’s how to explain this activity to your child:

  • Firefighters are heroes who help us when we need them — if there’s a fire or if there’s a cat stuck in a tree!
  • Let’s pretend: We can save the day, just like real firefighters.
  • First, let’s pretend to put on our gear: helmets, firefighting suits, and boots. Then let’s get our pretend ladders and hoses. Now let’s pretend to be Blaze fighting the fire!
  • Let’s make up our own firefighting story. We can talk about firefighters and how they help our neighbors and friends!

Pro Tip:

If your little hero has a hard time, help him or her pretend to fight a fire and read a book about fighting fires! If your little hero needs a challenge, work with him or her to write down a fire hero story and draw pictures to go with it. Review the resources from the National Fire Protection Association and think about whether there’s more about fire safety you can practice with your child.

Extend the Learning

Kids can learn more by watching Blaze fight a fire and creating a booklet with facts about fire dogs — dalmatians like Marshall, and creating a helmet they can wear during their pretend play time.

Words to Use 

  • Firefighter– someone who puts out fires
  • Helmet – a hard hat that firefighters wear
  • Hose – a tube that water comes through
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