Posted on May 27, 2020

Plant Experiment

💡Skill: When you make a prediction and do an experiment, you are practicing your ability to observe and solve problems.


Plants need water to live, but how does water get to every part of the plant? Do a science experiment to find out!


☑ Celery, white carnations or other white flowers, or a leaf

☑ Food coloring


Here’s how to explain this activity to your child:

  • Let’s put some water into a glass so it is about half full. Now, let’s add some food coloring so the water turns a different color. Red works well!
  • Now, let’s put a flower (or a stalk of celery or a leaf) into a glass so that the stem goes into the water.
  • Now, we have to wait! What’s our hypothesis: what will happen to the flower?
  • We can keep checking back to see what happens!

Extend the Learning 

Watch as Shine tries this science experiment and turns white flowers into colorful ones!

Words to Use 

  • Prediction – a guess about what is going to happen
  • Hypothesis – a proposed explanation that is a starting point for further investigation
  • Xylem tube- the tube that plants use to carry water